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Maritime Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center

Chiropractic Care

Siamese cat being held

Chiropractic Care Services at Maritime

Chiropractic care, an integral branch of veterinary medicine, is centered around the well-being of your pets. This specialized approach places a primary focus on spinal health and the promotion of a healthy nervous system. It achieves these goals through the gentle and skillful manipulation of joints, ensuring they are aligned and functioning optimally. By addressing spinal health and nervous system balance, chiropractic therapy not only helps alleviate discomfort and pain but also plays a crucial role in enhancing your pet's overall quality of life.

At Maritime, we understand the importance of a holistic approach to pet care, and our dedicated practitioners are committed to providing the best in chiropractic care to keep your furry companions happy, mobile, and thriving.

How can chiropractic care help my pet?

  • Decreased stiffness, tension, and pain

  • Restores joint mobility

What conditions may benefit from this therapy?

  • Patients with spinal conditions resulting in irritated nerves and joint degeneration

  • Helping to improve and maintain the performance levels of show dogs and sporting/working dogs

  • Patients that have had an injury from a slip, fall or rough play

  • Patients with muscle tension or spasm

  • Patients having difficulty rising, navigating the stairs, getting onto furniture or in/out of the vehicle