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Maritime Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center

24/7 Emergency

dog on table getting blood drawn

Emergency Visits

If you believe your pet is experiencing an emergency, please call us or head to our hospital immediately: 902-932-0VET (0838).

At Maritime, we offer compassionate emergency care to pets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Walk-ins are welcome – although if you can call ahead of your visit we can alert our team to prepare for your arrival. Our team is comprised of registered veterinary technicians, specialized veterinary technicians, experienced emergency doctors, and veterinary assistants. You can rest assured that your pet will receive the best emergency care available at our hospital. If your pet requires continued or follow-up care, we can ensure around-the-clock care in our dedicated critical care unit (ICU), and we can connect with our team of specialists and your primary care veterinarian to ensure a complete care plan.

Common Signs of a Pet Emergency

  • Difficulty breathing, extreme coughing, choking

  • Bloated, swollen, or painful abdomen (signs of bloat)

  • Signs of pain

  • Inflammation or injury to the eyes

  • Lameness or inability to walk

  • Uncontrolled bleeding

  • Frequent, repetitive vomiting or unusual elimination

  • Severe injury/trauma (i.e., hit by car)

  • Ingestion of poisonous substances

  • Ingestion of a foreign body

  • Broken bones

  • Bloody stool, urine

  • Difficulty/inability to give birth

  • Exotics emergency visits are seen on a pre-approved basis

Please note: This is not a comprehensive list – if you have any concerns about your pet’s condition, please contact your veterinarian immediately or call us at 902-932-0VET (0838).

Emergency Services

  • Triage

  • Blood transfusions

  • Lab work (bloodwork, urinalysis, cytology)

  • Short term mechanical ventilation

  • Diagnostic imaging (x-ray, ultrasound, CT)

  • Cardiac Resuscitation, Defibrillation, and Post-Resuscitation Care

  • Oxygen therapy

  • Pain management